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30 '90s Couples Who Need To Reunite In 2019

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Bauer Griffin
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The '90s were the best of times. We were carefree, binging Freaks and Geeks (RIP), rocking out to some killer bops (looking at you, Backstreet Boys and NSYNC), and chowing down on yum cosmic brownies and Dunkaroos (miss you guys). 

What's more, the 1990s represented a sacred period of nostalgia for all of us pop culture fanatics and boyband lovers. Some of our favorite celebrity couples of all time got together, but sadly, many of them never made it past the 2000s.

So we're taking you back to the good old days (think butterfly clips, frosted tips, eccentric fashion, and, of course, your favorite couples) to highlight the duos we think never should have split. From Ben and Gwen to Reese and Ryan, keep scrolling for the 30 '90s couples we'd *love* to see back together in 2019.