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'90s Heartthrobs Who Would Make Great Internet Boyfriends

1. Leonardo DiCaprio
Let's start with the heavyweights. No one can watch Titanic without developing an intense attraction to Leo's mesmerizing blue eyes and mega-watt smile. You jump, I jump? YES LEO, I WOULD JUMP.

Bae factor: Come on, this is a no-brainer. To borrow the sage words of Bella Hadid, this "homeboy can get it." Heck, I'd volunteer to be Jack Dawson's human raft.

Boyfriend factor: Eh, I don't know. If he was your boyfriend IRL, I doubt the relationship would last. He seems to get a new model girlfriend every week.

Wokeness: If you can forgive the fact that he used to be the proud leader of the infamous Pussy Posse, you've got to give it to the dude for being a staunch environmentalist. He has dedicated his time, energy, and resources to raising awareness about climate change and other issues that matter. Remember his Oscar speech?

Internet Boyfriend Material? YES. 100 percent YES.