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Famous Movie Babies: Then and Now

1. THEN: Toby Froud, 'Labyrinth'
Baby Toby is a scene stealer in the 1986 cult hit Labyrinth. Not only does he get to chill out on David Bowie's magical lap, but he also dons the cutest red-striped onesie.

"I have vivid memories of goblins' faces and strange creatures and chaos around me that could just be from growing up in the house I lived in, or from seeing the film as many times as I have, or it could be remembering the puppets that were in front of me," Froud revealed in a 2004 interview with PDX Monthly.

The former child star also revealed that he peed on Bowie the first time they met. Talk about making an unforgettable first impression. All hail the Goblin King.