This Mashup Of 'Jack Ryan' And 'The Office' Is A Throwback To Dwight And Jim's Epic Feud

Fans of 'The Office' will love Funny or Die's newest creation.

This ‘Jack Ryan’ And ‘The Office’ Mashup Of John Krasinski Chasing Dwight Schrute Is Hilarious

John Krasinski is best known for his role as Jim Halpert on The Office. His hilarious pranks on Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) and romantic entanglement with Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) enthralled us during the show's run, but recently, Krasinski has taken on a few roles that would terrify Jim.

To celebrate the release of Krasinski's new Amazon thriller, Jack Ryan, Funny or Die released a mashup of the series's most badass moments and clips of the ridiculous antics Dwight and Jim got up to during The Office. The result? "Jim Ryan," the superstar secret agent tasked with bringing down Dwight.

Jim and Dwight's rivalry could span many videos, and I wouldn't mind a few follow-ups. This video is hilarious, and the clips of Dwight were masterfully cut (especially at about 45 seconds in). It's a shame one of Krasinski's other roles wasn't included. It would've been amazing to see his character from A Quiet Place (which he starred in and directed) quietly hunting Dwight. In the film, his character, Lee Abbott, had to survive an infestation of carnivorous aliens with super-human hearing.

Nonetheless, with Agent Jim Ryan on the case, we can be sure Dwight won't accidentally shoot someone with one of his many guns. Gotta work that holster, after all.

Speaking of The Office, a reboot may be headed to TV in the near future. I know I'm not alone when I say I'd love to see Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight, and the rest of the crew back in action.

This Mashup Of 'Jack Ryan' And 'The Office' Is A Throwback To Dwight And Jim's Epic Feud

"We often talk about The Office, I’ve talked to Greg [who developed and ran the show] four times over the past few years," NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt said in 2017. "It’s always, 'maybe some day but not now'. There is certainly an open invitation but we don’t have anything happening right now. If he wants to do it, I would do it."

In July, Krasinski also addressed a potential reboot of The Office.

"I think we should reboot it,” he said. “I think it’s hard obviously with everybody’s schedule to do an Office reboot, but I would so be down. It wasn’t just a show for us. It was a family. None of us had really done anything before. Certainly Steve [Carell] had been on The Daily Show; I had done nothing, I was a waiter at the time. And Rainn [Wilson] had been on Six Feet Under and a couple other things, but we really came into that feeling like a repertory company.

"It felt like we were doing regional theater — it was so awesome, it felt so intimate and small," he continued. "And then when it caught on and people were actually watching, we were genuinely blown away. So all that to say [that] doing a reboot for us wouldn’t just be about bringing the show back, it would be about getting back together with those people. They’re my family, they’re my first and only original business Hollywood-y family, so I’d be lucky to do it."

This Mashup Of 'Jack Ryan' And 'The Office' Is A Throwback To Dwight And Jim's Epic Feud

Since then, more rumors have trickled in, including the possibility of a revival set at Scranton's Dunder Mifflin branch with a mix of old and new cast members. While Steve Carell is not expected to be involved, a number of former cast members have expressed interest in a revival.

At the moment, though, I'm not getting my hopes up. These rumors have been swirling for years and, in the sage words of Michael Scott, "fool me once, strike one, but fool me twice, strike three."