Freddy Krueger Is Hunting Kylie Jenner and This Snapchat Proves It

It's a nightmare in Calabasas.

Freddy Krueger Is Hunting Kylie Jenner and This Snapchat Proves It
New Line Cinema

As if Kylie Jenner wasn't already dealing with enough drama, she's now being hunted by Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Krueger. Sigh. Just proof life's a struggle no matter who you are. A gaggle of observant Snapchatters pointed out a distinctive shadow in the back of one of Kylie's recent posts, which closely resembles the classic horror villain.

In the video below, the 20-year-old gives fans a virtual tour of her new purse closet (oh, to be a liquid lipstick mogul), panning back to where she's standing and revealing the mysterious, brim-hatted figure behind her.

We were convinced we were dealing with a Nightmare in Calabasas until Kylie noticed fans' concern and squashed the idea completely. Turns out the identity of the creepy shadow is far less terrifying: musician Harry Hudson, a long-time friend of Kylie.

Well, thank goodness for that.

This brush with death closely follows an eruption of rumors alleging Kylie is pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott's child. Kylie has yet to confirm nor deny the expectancy, which hit the web in September. She does, however, continue to troll fans mercilessly. In a new promo, Kylie and sister Khloé Kardashian poke fun at the pregnancy rumors because, oh yeah, Khloé is also allegedly expecting. Crazy, right?

During the video, Khloé references their new collection of herself-inspired liquid lipsticks: "We created them. It's our baby together," she says, adding "we have eight."

"We have so many babies. Who knew?" Kylie responds, and the crowd goes wild.

Yet another reason to be glad Freddy isn't hunting Kylie: He's not the best with kids.

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