Some People Are Convinced Kylie Jenner Is Staying Mum on Her Pregnancy Because She's Kim Kardashian's Surrogate

It's just the newest in a long line of 'konspiracies' about Jenner's alleged pregnancy.


If you're a sentient being with Internet access, you've probably heard the rumor that Kylie Jenner is expecting her first child. TMZ broke the news on Friday, and the web has been buzzing ever since. As the report goes, Jenner is pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott's baby girl, who is due in February. There are some Kardashian detectives out there, however, that have a different, far more scandalous theory: Kylie is carrying Kim Kardashian's baby as her surrogate.

This konspiracy is kompelling for a couple reasons (don't worry, I'm done), the first of which being that Kylie hasn't addressed the rumors despite outlets like Page Six and People confirming. If she's under contract, or simply abiding by her older sister's wishes, it'd make sense that she keep mum on the situation even if it went public.

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Secondly, the timelines are uncanny. Over the summer, Kim and husband Kanye West officially announced their third child was on his or her way. If Kylie is due in February, she became pregnant some time in June.

There's also the fact that Kylie fits one small part of the light description Kim has offered on her surrogate's identity, referring to her as "20 something" and "fit."

Kim has also shared her surrogate is a mother of two living in San Diego, but that's not quite as clicky.

This scenario is unlikely, but if Kylie is indeed pregnant, it's true that her baby will be born right around the same time Kim's third is born.

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Play date, anyone?

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