Vanilla Ice Biopic Coming, Dave Franco To Star

James will produce. Word to your mother.

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Vanilla Ice may be the next musical artist to get the biopic treatment, and Dave Franco will reportedly handle lead role duties. According to MovieWeb, which cites a listing in Production Weekly, Franco has been cast to play Robert Van Winkle in a new production titled To the Extreme, named for the rapper's 1989 multi-platinum album that featured the unforgettable hit, "Ice Ice Baby."

From Coal Miner's Daughter to Bohemian Rhapsody in 2018, music biopics have always been big in Hollywood. Of course, they're also usually dramas about serious talent. Depending on who the director is, To the Extreme could wind up being a sarcastic comedy considering Vanilla Ice's tentative standing in the rap community. Sections of the story will have to be funny. There's no getting around the fact this is a movie about someone who essentially faked his way to the top of the charts with shaved eyebrows and stolen beats. (He also left his own skid mark on the film community with the motorcycle flick Cool as Ice in 1991.) 

James Franco will produce To the Extreme with Chris Goodwin and Phil Van handling script duties. No director or other actors are attached yet. The film isn't in development, but it all sounds very similar to The Disaster Artist, which was, of course, the last film the Franco brothers made together. The Disaster Artist, about The Room filmmaker Tommy Wiseau, is also centered around someone who backed into fame with an accidentally great product. I think we can count on To the Extreme being very funny, as long as the Francos get the script right.

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