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Prince Charles The Prince Of Wales And Duchess Of Cornwall Celebrate Lunar New Year
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Camilla Parker Bowles 
Prince Charles The Prince Of Wales Visits Environmental Science Innovators
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Ian Chapman 
Prince Charles The Prince of Wales And The Duchess Of Cornwall Visit Holocaust Exhibition
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Ryan Murphy Will Tackle Prince Charles vs. Princess Diana for Season 2 of 'Feud'

By Areeba Abid on
Ryan Murphy is gearing up for a royal feud.Read Full Story

The Prince Of Wales Attends Premier Of The Film 'Arabia'

By Sasha on
Prince Charles attended the Royal Premiere of the movie Arabia 3D at the London IMAX on May 24, 2010. Arabia 3D follows a young 22-year-old filmmaker returning from school in the US as he attempts to capture his home country on film. Don't Miss Aide defends Prince Charles over Qatari building rowRoyal Blood: Prince Charles’ Sinks His Teeth Into New Transylvania PropertyPrince Charles’ Taxpayer Funding Falls Prince Charles was joined by several celebs including Helen Mirren (who narrates...Read Full Story

Prince Charles Ogles Some Samba Dancers in Brazil

By JJ Duncan on
Proving that no one is immune to the rhythmic gyrations of the super-sexy samba, Prince Charles traded his stiff upper lip for a stiff look from wife Camilla as he ogled the dancing girls in Rio de Janeiro Thursday.The royal entourage was visiting Complexo da Mare, one of the largest (and most dangerous) slums in Rio. They were greeted by crowds and dancers, who cajoled the Prince into an awkward rendition of the samba.Charles addressed the crowd of onlookers, explaining that his history with...Read Full Story

Prince Charles' Love Letters For Sale on eBay

By Jake on
A glimpse of Prince Charles in full-on wooing mode is available to anyone with some pounds sterling to spend on eBay. The Prince of Wales' private love letters to Janet Jenkins, the woman he was seeing shortly before he married his first wife, Princess Diana, are now up for auction.The Prince was only 26 when he fell for the 30-year-old Jenkins, who worked as a receptionist for the British Consulate in Montreal at the time. The letters show Charles already conflicted about his public life...Read Full Story

Guess Who's 60?

By Tatiana Guertin on
Britain's Prince Charles turned 60 Friday, and with every passing year it's becoming more and more apparent that he may never take the throneat least not as long as his 82-year-old mother is still alive and well. Still, he didn't let that fact bring him down; instead he partied like a royal should. On Wednesday a number of famous comedians including John Cleese and Robin Williams performed for him, and on Thursday his official birthday party was hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace. His...Read Full Story