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Ranking 'Game Of Thrones' Romances From Worst To Best

2. Jon Snow & Ygritte
Star-crossed? Sure. Reckless? Check. Utterly romantic? Definitely. Jon Snow's first love is Ygritte the Wildling and he comes into his own while they're together, north of the Wall. Enemies at first, Jon convinces her he wants to switch sides and fight with the Freefolk. They make love in some hot springs. They climb the Wall together. And, when it comes time for Jon to leave her, he does. She's crushed. But their paths cross again and she hesitates — twice. It costs her her life and she dies in his arms. It's heartbreaking. And beautiful.

How else is this one of the great Game of Thrones romances? The actors were actually in love while filming. Kit Harington (Jon) and Rose Leslie (Ygritte) were married in 2018.