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Ranking The 25 Best Shows To Watch On Hulu In April

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Good news! If you're reading this, you have been blessed to live in the golden age of television.

Between Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu and network TV, it seems like every day we get a new, critically-acclaimed series. This is a good thing — for the most part. As viewers, we get entertaining, quality TV for $8 to $12/month (depending on your streaming service subscription).

However, it can be overwhelming when it actually comes time to sit down and watch (i.e. binge) a new show. With so much out there, we all want to make sure we're not wasting our time watching bottom-barrel content.

Well, fear not, dear reader, for we have fished out the top-notch shows from Hulu's vast, intimidating TV pool. With its award-winning original programming, strong catalog of network shows, and plentiful British series, Hulu is not to be written off. Sure, Netflix and Amazon get more attention online, but we're here to make the case that Hulu should be on your streaming service roster thanks to these great shows.