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Science Fiction And Fantasy Crossovers That Make Too Much Sense

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Art by Rafael Hidalgo for Zimbio | Orion
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Part of the fun of science fiction and fantasy in pop culture is imagining worlds separate from our own. And this imagination in movies and TV aren't limited to childhood, either. Fantasy can be elevated, and the great stories stick around forever. (See: Greek, Roman, and Norse myths and the Bible). 

Within these fantasy worlds, it's even more fun to imagine crossover events. Comic books have been doing this for ages: Superman and Batman go at it. Captain America meets Iron Man. So it's only fitting that movies have taken their cues from their source comics, which is why the Marvel Cinematic and DC Extended Universes exist. But can you also imagine if Gandalf the Grey stepped foot into the world of Harry Potter

So let's go a step further than the comics. Let's imagine some science fiction and fantasy crossovers that transcend properties — crossovers that just make sense. Click ahead to see where we're going with this. And, of course, use your imagination...