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TV Couples Who Should Have Never Gotten Together

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Not all TV couples are created equally! Listen, we love a good TV ship, even if its downright weird, but there's a line. Just because it's good in theory, doesn't mean it's good for the show. Sometimes, it may seem as if a TV couple has chemistry, but when they actually get together things just aren't that great. Other times, the writing totally lets the characters down and you wish they had never gotten together in the first place. What's worse? Sometimes a bonkers hookup can actually prevent a truly romantic pair from getting together, and that's simply the worst.

From Rachel and Joey's short-lived and contrived dalliance to Barney and Robin's crazy rollercoaster of a relationship, there are plenty of TV couples who have made a terrible impression. Keep reading to find out who made it on our list of TV couples who should have never gotten together.