Everything Fans Need To Know About 'Elseworlds,' The Upcoming Arrowverse Crossover

Batwoman isn't the only superhero joining the casts of 'Supergirl,' 'The Flash,' and 'Arrow' in December.

Everything Fans Need To Know About 'Elseworlds', The Upcoming 'Arrow'-verse Crossover
The CW

It's an annual tradition of The CW's Arrow-verse to hold a multi-show crossover starring one intense villain. In order to defeat him or her, the heroes of every show come together as one. Upcoming crossover, Elseworlds, will be a bit different than its predecessors, but it'll also be a landmark for the network in several ways.

Though details have been kept mum until recently, this year's crossover event will take place December 9, 10, and 11.

Here are some other important details fans should know.

There will be no Legends of Tomorrow

For the first time since the premiere, Legends of Tomorrow will sit out on the crossover action. Instead, The Flash will switch slots with Supergirl (airing Sunday), followed by Arrow on Monday, and Supergirl on Tuesday.

That said, the cast and crew of Legends have announced they're doing their own little crossover during their regular time, so don't be sad! Honestly, there isn't enough room to properly engage every hero in the Arrow-verse, so the Legends seem happy to sit it out. Who knows, maybe they won't need Supergirl's help next year, since she's on Earth-38.

Oliver Queen is... the fastest man alive?

Honestly, we're lost. According to set photos and a poster release, Oliver will be The Flash and Barry will be Green Arrow. At least, Stephen Amell will step into The Flash suit as Grant Gustin assumes Amell's role. Maybe this will put the body shamers who criticized Gustin earlier this year on mute for a while.

Could the two switch bodies? Based on the tweet below, it's certainly likely.

There may even be multiple versions of Oliver and Barry, as Amell also posted a photo of Gustin and himself dressed in what people are calling "biker" attire.

Everything Fans Need To Know About 'Elseworlds', The Upcoming 'Arrow'-verse Crossover
The CW

Prepare for Batwoman's introduction to the Arrow-verse

Since the announcement that Ruby Rose will portray Kate Kane, aka Batwoman, in the Elseworlds crossover (and potentially star in a dedicated series for the 2019-20 TV season), her appearance has been highly anticipated. How will Rose live up to the mantle?

It's unclear exactly what role she'll play, but it's likely this is the closest the DCTV universe will ever come to Gotham City and Batman. There's a chance they'll pull from Batman's comic history as they do with Superman and Supergirl.

With Barry and Oliver switching mantles, should we assume Kara and Kate will end up doing the same?

It would make sense. Superman and Batman are always compared, so why not Supergirl and Batwoman? In this universe, that'd be the most logical swap.

Lois Lane and Clark Kent are coming to town

Earlier this month, it was announced Elizabeth Tulloch (Grimm) was cast as Lois Lane, the hard-hitting reporter Cat Grant can't stand.

It was also announced that Tyler Hoechlin would reprise his role as Clark Kent for the upcoming crossover, but there's a bit of mystery surrounding that — especially since we've seen him in two different costumes.

With all the amazing characters and twists (that we know of), people are getting hyped for Elseworlds. Will you tune in? We certainly will. This could be the best crossover yet!