'Deadwood: The Movie' Is Coming — Here's What You Need To Know

The series that turned profanity into Shakespeare returns to provide some needed closure for fans.

'Deadwood' The Movie Is Coming — Here's What You Need To Know

HBO has produced a few feature films based on their original series, but they've all been terrible (Sex and the City, Entourage). Deadwood: The Movie will look to reverse that trend. More than 12 years since creator David Milch's western series went off the air, Deadwood returns in feature film form to provide some much needed closure. Fans who fell in love with the first three seasons were rightly miffed when it was announced there would not be a fourth. The movie is only two hours and it's more than a decade late, but we'll take it.

What's the deal with the new Deadwood movie? We've got answers to some of the most pressing questions you might have:

When does Deadwood: The Movie air?

May 31, 2019 on HBO.

Who's coming back?

Just about everyone! The first trailer (below) confirms the returns of Al Swearengen (Ian McShane), Seth Bullock (Timothy Olyphant), George Hearst (Gerald McRaney), Alma Ellsworth (Molly Parker), Sol Star (John Hawkes), Trixie (Paula Malcomson), Charlie Utter (Dayton Callie), Calamity Jane (Robin Weigert), Joanie Stubbs (Kim Dickens), Johnny Burns (Sean Bridgers), E.B. Farnum (William Sanderson), Martha Bullock (Anna Gunn), and little Sofia Ellsworth is all grown up now. She'll be played by Lily Keene. IMDb also lists Doc Cochran (Brad Dourif), Dan Dority (W. Earl Brown), Jewel (Geri Jewell), Mr. Wu (Keone Young), and A.W. Merrick (Jeffrey Jones).

Who's not coming back?

The late Powers Boothe will not return as Cy Tolliver. And I'm not seeing Tom Nuttall (Leon Rippy), Silas Adams (Titus Welliver), or Con Stapleton (Peter Jason) amongst the cast. Richardson also won't be back (actor Ralph Richeson passed away in 2015).

Who wrote this thing?

Series creator David Milch, the man, the myth, is responsible for the script. This movie wouldn't have happened without him. Daniel Minahan (Game of Thrones, House of Cards) is the director.

When is the movie set?

Deadwood: The Movie is set 12 years after the events of the TV show, in 1889. South Dakota is on the cusp of statehood and everyone has gray hair.

What's it about?

Here's what executive producer Carolyn Strauss told EW: "If you ask David, it’s about the passage of time. The toll of time on people. It’s mellowed some people and hardened others. And it’s about the town's maturing and becoming part of the Union and what that event sets in motion, in a very personal way for the people that it brings in town and what ensues. The toll of time has not just struck Deadwood and the characters but all the people making it as well, you get to see the faces of people 12 years later. And it was really profound. Actors were crying at the table read — not necessarily from the script but the emotion of being back and doing something we all loved doing so much. You normally have a great experience and then it’s over. You don’t normally get the chance to do this in life. It was kind of a gift."

Is this the end of Deadwood?

Unknown. Strauss says, "Well, I guess, it ain’t over 'till it’s over. Who knows? We assumed it was over before." 

'Deadwood' The Movie Is Coming — Here's What You Need To Know

Editor's note: This article originally stated Jeffrey Jones passed away. That error has been corrected.

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