I Can't Imagine 'American Horror Story' Without Evan Peters

Peters has appeared in every season of FX's smash hit anthology series — until now.

Evan Peters Will Skip 'American Horror Story' Season 9

Since 2011, Adele has provided the music for all your worst breakups, Prince William and Kate Middleton have kept the royals relevant, and Evan Peters has been the man, myth, and legend behind TV's greatest horror series. Now, one of those things is about to change, and we are not thrilled.

During a red carpet interview at WonderCon 2019, Peters told Extra he was "going to sit a season [of AHS] out." Season 9 will be the first season without the actor, which makes his casual announcement that much more jarring.

Fair warning: The video below is disturbing (what's AHS without its leading lad?).

On Thursday, April 11, series creator Ryan Murphy revealed Season 9's title: AHS: 1984. The upcoming chapter will be set in the mid-'80s, when slasher films and gory horror was all the rage.

In the teaser below, a terrified woman flees a deranged killer. When she reaches a house and locks herself in, he plunges a knife through the door inches away from her head. The season will pay homage to all the best things about slasher flicks: the thrill, the suspense, and the cheese.

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Peters first appeared in AHS at 24 years old and has starred in eight seasons of the show. He's now 32, which means the anthology has been a part of his life for nearly a decade. His decision to abstain from Season 9 is a huge deal not only for Peters lovers but for fans of the show. While American Horror Story benefits from a number of talented recurring actors (Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates), not all of them have had major roles in every season. Peters, however, has. Most seasons have revolved around Peters' characters: Tate Langdon in Murder House; Kit Walker in Asylum; Jimmy Darling in Freak Show; James March in Hotel; Edward Phillipe Mott/Rory Monahan in Roanoke; and Kai Anderson in Cult. Coven was all about the ladies, but even his character, Kyle Spencer, was an integral part of that story.

The number of recurring faces also gets smaller as years go by. In 2015, Lange decided to leave the show, only making a brief cameo in Season 8. Bates skipped Cult (2017) to star in the Netflix Original Disjointed, which was canceled after its first season. Peters' absence will make Paulson the last remaining actor to appear in every season.

While Peters hasn't disclosed the reason he's skipping out on Season 9, some fans are speculating it's to avoid his ex-fiance and fellow AHS star, Emma Roberts. Roberts is confirmed to appear in 1984 alongside newcomer Gus Kenworthy, who will play her character's significant other. In late March, Us Weekly reported Roberts and Peters had split, and that Roberts was dating actor Garrett Hedlund.

Roberts and Peters have dated on and off since 2012. They got engaged in 2013, but the next few years were rocky. They starred alongside each other in AHS: Coven, Freak Show, and Apocalypse. Roberts also made an appearance in Cult, although her character, Serena Belinda, didn't last long.

Whatever the case, we're wondering how 1984 will go down without him. Murphy better have an ace up his sleeve.

AHS: 1984 is slated to debut in late 2019.

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