Discovery's 'Racing Extinction' May Be the Most Important Documentary You Watch This Year

Though hope seems lost, we can make a difference.

Discovery's 'Racing Extinction' May Be the Most Important Documentary You Watch This Year
Oceanic Preservation Society

The world is a big scary place filled with big scary people. There are people who poach endangered species like the majestic elephant or primitive-looking rhinoceros, people who machete the body parts off sharks, manta rays, dolphins and other beautiful sea life, people who pluck the fragile feathers from noble eagles and valiant hawks, and people, like you and me, who simply indulge in hamburgers, steaks, or ribs at dinnertime. Though the latter may not seem as extreme, it still has a direct effect on our planet's climate and the rate in which our most precious species are disappearing. Forever. 

Discovery aims to bring a necessary and informative pause to this process with its global television premiere of Racing Extinction, airing tonight at 9/8c. From Oscar-winning director Louie Psihoyos and the team behind The Cove, this groundbreaking documentary will open your eyes to all aspects of biodiversity loss, its effect on humanity, and the ways in which we can realistically make a difference. 

If there's one major takeaway from the film, it's that there is hope. Though the images you will see are haunting, distressing, and frankly, quite despairing, the planet's apparent demise can be primarily attributed to one thing: ignorance. While we may not be directly participating in the illegal wildlife trade or destruction of rain forests, we don't realize how our everyday actions can imperil animals and their sensitive ecosystems. Thanks to Discovery, it is projects like Racing Extinction that aim to inform, inspire, and take the lead in making life-saving changes for future generations. 

As a way to carry on the conversation after the show, the network has launched the #StartWith1Thing campaign so everyday Joes, like you and me, can pledge to reduce our carbon footprint by modifying one aspect of our lives. Whether it's giving up meat one day a week or biking to work, these easy adjustments, collectively, are capable of making a huge impact. We challenge you to participate by sharing your "One Thing" with us on social media. 

Check out a sneak peek of Discovery's Racing Extinction below and be sure to tune in tonight for what will surely be a unprecedented moment in cable television.

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