Surf or Stay? CBS's 'Supergirl'

What were your thoughts on TV's latest comic book project? Sound off here!

Surf or Stay? CBS's 'Supergirl'

For a show about a chick who can fly at lightning speed, it took forever for CBS's Supergirl to finally premiere. 

Television's latest venture into the world of comic book superheroes is both refreshing and necessary. We finally have a female protagonist who is not only extremely likable, but capable of kicking major ass (props to Melissa Benoist). Like The Flash, she also makes a conscious decision to use her powers for good.

Though we won't be seeing Superman make an appearance this season, it's not necessary. The TV series takes a far departure from the 1984 movie that lacked the dynamic characters and heart to drive the plot forward and have viewers cheering for our main girl. Kudos to CBS for tapping into an already crowded genre and finding a way to stand out. 

So what did you think of the first episode? Take our poll below and be sure to sound off in the comment section! 

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