Surf or Stay? ABC's 'Wicked City'

We know the '80s were killer, but what did you think of tonight's premiere? Sound off here!

Surf or Stay? ABC's 'Wicked City'

Someone in ABC's casting department deserves a medal because Ed Westwick makes the perfect serial killer in Wicked City. In fact, let's throw in a few more awards for the costume and set designers, as well as the hair and makeup teams. We've never seen a show commit to the '80s as much as this one. No detail went unnoticed and nothing seemed too contrived or far-fetched. 

Though the plot felt very familiar (a reporter and detectives thrown into a murder mystery), we're excited about the direction of the show and the relationship between Kent and Betty (we're still convinced he's going to murder her at some point). It's always reassuring to watch people who are way more messed up than you, right? Right. 

So what did you think? Take our poll below and sound off in the comment section. 

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