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TV Wedding Dresses, Ranked From Best To Worst

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One of the great joys of any romantic's life is watching their favorite TV characters get married. After episode after episode of broken dreams, battered hearts, and earth-shattering drama, it's perhaps the most satisfying experience ever to watch two lovers seal the deal... and, of course, to see what gown the bride chooses to wear on the big day.

TV has done a great job of showcasing a diverse collection of gowns anywhere. From the gorgeous, feminine dresses of the Victorian era to the more modern gowns of the last several decades, there's no better place to go for much-needed wedding day inspiration. Or, you know, just to drool over the lace, tulle, and chiffon in your spare time.

Keep reading to see which characters we think nailed it (and which ones we think goofed).