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What The Actors From Your Favorite Survival Movies Endured For Their Intense Roles

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Artwork by Rafael Hidalgo for Zimbio
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We've come to expect a lot from our survivalist films. As viewers, we want to see blood, sweat, tears, severed limbs, bear attacks, and volleyball friendships. These movies are about survival, after all, and survival always comes at a cost.

For an actor to star in a survival film is a test in and of itself. To convey harrowing circumstances to audiences, an actor must throw a part of themselves into those brutal conditions. As you'll learn, these eight actors put themselves through the ringer for our viewing pleasure.

It should also be noted, every single actor on this list is a man, and apart from one, a white man. According to Hollywood, only a certain type of person has what it takes to survive the elements – but that's an essay for a different time...